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We are all about “Being next to the You” almost all the time, i.e. from Events to Accommodation, Leisure to Fitness, Appetite to Safety and Check-in to Check-out from our hotel. We aim to serve you, be available for you all the time, support you and help whenever it is needed. 


Experience the excellence with our rooms curated to address the guest needs. Guest privacy and comfort is our highest priority.

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Our menu includes a Rich selection of Soups, Appetizers, Dishes, Beverages, Breads and Rice from different Cuisines. Be ready to be served with food that tastes good and also pleases your eyes.

" Instagram Post toh banta hai !"

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Event Venues

Designed keeping in mind the traditions that are a part of every event, our venues are ideal for wedding ceremonies, reception evenings, parties, as well as business events. 

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